Frozen French Fries

Artfully cut, perfect for dipping: Our frozen French Fries are excellent as an in-between snack or as a delicious garnish next to a juicy steak. Gently blanched and pre-fried, these chips are particularly crispy and are the perfect accompaniment to our sour cream, ketchup and mayo, or fiery hot salsa.


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Spicy and crispy: Our black pepper waves with black peppercorns are extra crunchy. With our special cut, skin-on black pepper waves are ideal in combination with dip sauces, especially our spicy Salsa Sauce.

Potato meets dip

Our potato products taste especially delicious with the JP Frit & Burger Sauce or the JP Curry Sauce Brazil. Or would you prefer something else? Wernsing offers a fine selection of high-quality food in many categories: from potato products to dips and sauces to antipasti, bread spreads, desserts, dressings, marinades, pasta and piquant snacks, salads or soups and stews. You should try them!