A tasty treat by the spoonful

Winter time is stew time.

A delicious meal – get you and your family off to a healthy start for the new year.
As a side to a carrot, bean or cabbage stew, our tasty potato cubes make each meal a personalised taste experience.

A popular traditional dish prepared quickly and simply!

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Some warming comfort for cold days


Stews that are certain to suit every taste: Potatoes in a soup or stew, or fried as a side to a meat dish – our potato cubes are the highlight of every pot! Their wide range of uses makes them a must in every kitchen.

Short on time? Not a problem: our potato cubes are ready to eat in a flash.



Wernsing – for good food

Varied and above all: good - that's how food is supposed to be. And that is exactly how our food products are, which we produce for 55 years. Wernsing offers a fine selection of high-quality food in many categories: from potato products to dips and sauces to antipasti, bread spreads, desserts, dressings, marinades, pasta and piquant snacks, salads or soups and stews. You should try them!