Policy Statement on Corporate Due Diligence Obligations in the Supply Chain

Wernsing Feinkost GmbH is a proud part of the Wernsing Food Family. In our group of companies, we recognize the increasing importance of sustainability and social responsibility. For this reason, we have decided to tackle key sustainability issues together as a group of companies.

The challenges in the areas of ecology, social responsibility and sustainable corporate management are diverse and complex. As part of the Wernsing Food Family, we recognize that we cannot tackle these challenges alone. By joining forces, we can benefit from shared resources, experience and expertise. The need to promote sustainable practices goes beyond individual company locations. It is therefore crucial that we take a united approach as a group of companies.

Due to the diversity of our operations and the complexity of our international supply chains, we recognize that despite our efforts, social and environmental risks may not be identified in a timely manner, which could lead to grievances. Therefore, we encourage you to report any indications or concerns regarding potential human or environmental rights violations within our supply chain via our central grievance platform. Your input is vital to ensure that we can work together to address violations and uphold our commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices. The link to the central complaints platform can be found here

It is of fundamental importance to us to ensure respect for human rights and environmental standards in all areas of our business activities. In our declaration of principles, we clearly acknowledge this important concern and underline our commitment to it. The contents of this declaration not only reflect our convictions, but also serve as a guideline for our specific attitude and approach to dealing with environmental and human rights risks. You can access our policy statement here