The people

A great family has always been part of our recipe for success.

We at Wernsing know from experience: Competent and satisfied employees are the most important ingredient of our business success story. That is why we invest in the education and advanced training of our colleagues, promote family-friendly solutions and ensure the employability of older employees.

We support each other, promote an open dialogue culture and give generations space for growth and development. We like short decision-making processes, and we approach new projects and processes in an uncomplicated and pragmatic manner. At the same time, the name Wernsing also stands for traditional values such as sustainability and responsibility, consistency and reliability. 

As a family business, we consider our employees a large family, which we want to retain with us for a long time, since continuity in all areas contributes significantly to quality assurance – today and in the future.


Our philosophy

We look outside the box.