Economic perspective:

In producing good food, we are primarily concerned with quality, taste, safety and sustainable production. We therefore attach great importance to traceability, right from the procurement of the raw materials. Regional contract farmers guarantee us consistently high quality. Regional suppliers in turn help us to increase the efficiency of our production processes by reducing the distances travelled.



  • Sustainable production of high quality, safe and tasty food products:
    • Certified QA system, IFS/BRC certification etc.
    • Production of Clean Label products (without the addition of preservatives, flavour enhancers, antioxidants, colourings, emulsifiers, flavourings, yeast extracts and chemically modified starches), among others.
  • We work together with our suppliers and partners on innovative projects and products.
  • Use of regional raw materials for production: our main raw material, the potato, comes from the region.
  • Efficiency throughout the value chain: we supply our customers with a comprehensive product range and in this way are in a position to offer logistical added value.
  • Continuous optimisation in the area of packaging:
    • Efficiency: square instead of round returnable crates, optimum pallet utilisation etc.
    • Improvement in recyclability
    • Reduction of plastic content in packaging (e.g. reduction in film thicknesses)
  • Digitalisation: ongoing conversion to paperless document management systems.
  • Membership and involvement in various initiatives (e.g. SAI, EUPPA), partner networks (ZNU) and other forums.

Future goals:

  • Reduction of 10% in plastic content of food retail packaging by 2025 compared with 2015
  • Reduction of 50% in total paper consumption for administrative processes by 2025 in comparison with 2018