Ecological perspectives

Our guiding principle for environmentally friendly and sustainable activity is „avoid, reduce, recycle“. We have committed to continuous improvement in our energy-related performance and to an ongoing reduction in the environmental impacts of our business activities. To date we have successfully implemented several environmentally beneficial projects.

These and other measures have enabled us to significantly reduce our energy consumption: while the production volume at Wernsing Feinkost has risen by 120 percent over the past 16 years, total energy consumption has risen by only 30 percent over the same period.


  • Certified energy management according to EN ISO 50001.
  • We cover most of our electricity requirements with certified green electricity, and we are continuously expanding this share.
  • We have our own waste disposal centre and work continuously to improve our energy balance.
  • We are strengthening our activities in the sustainable procurement of our raw materials and packaging.
  • The operation of our biogas and photovoltaic plants promotes the use of renewable energies.
  • State-of-the-art CHP (combined heat and power) plants ensure optimum energy efficiency.
  • Our logistics function always aims to guarantee optimal truck utilisation and route planning.
  • We have already taken the following measures to protect species diversity (biodiversity):
    • The installation of nesting boxes for peregrine falcons at the central warehouse in cooperation with the nature conservation association “Naturschutzbund (NABU) Bakum" and the organisation for the protection of peregrine falcons “Wanderfalkenschutz Nordseeküste (AWN) Oldenburg”.
    • Insect hotels for our company premises and for our contract partners in agriculture, which were manufactured in cooperation with the St. Elisabeth Foundation, an institution for the care of the disabled and the elderly, in nearby Lastrup.


Our special project for 2019:

Working Together for a Blooming Landscape

    • A total of 30 areas of flowering plants with a total size of over 15 hectares have been created in cooperation with our contract partners. This corresponds to the area of approximately 22 football pitches.
    • 76% of the areas are close to a potato field and 90% of the areas are within sight of a potato field.
    • These areas are located on municipal roads, federal roads, cycle paths, district roads or agricultural paths.
    • The flowering areas are in the surrounding region. We plan to inform interested passers-by and cyclists with signs in these areas.
    • Our long-term goal: increasing structural diversity in the agricultural region.

Future ecology goals:

  • A reduction of 50% in our CO2 emissions per tonne of finished product by 2025 compared with 2018.
  • Our commitment to the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI), to continue to promote the sustainable cultivation of raw materials.
  • A reduction of 15% in the plastic content of food retail packaging by 2025 compared with 2018.

Our special project for 2019:

"Working Together for a Blooming Landscape"

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