Fresh Potato Specialities

Baked Potatoes

A classic product among barbecue dishes. Our delicious baked potato with the authentic peel can be used as a side dish or as a main course. Whether classic with sour creme or with slices of smoked salmon as a topping - the baked potato is a true all-rounder.

Product NamePackaging UnitArticle no.
Baked Potatoes 6 x 4 St. 11 69 11
Baked Potatoes 8 x 4 St. (MWK) 11 69 28
Baked Potatoes 12 x 2 St. 11 69 35

Advantages, completely according to your taste:

  • The tasty home fries are made of healthy and ripe potatoes which are precisely sorted. The aromatic onions and the hearty bacon add the smoky-spicy aroma.

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