Social perspective

Wernsing is aware of its social responsibility towards employees, trade partners and society in general. That is why we always act according to the maxim ‘grow together - learn from each other!’ Systematic training, support and continuous qualification through advanced training programmes are just as important issues for us as the long-term commitment of our employees and ensuring the employability of older colleagues. 

One of the most important tasks of our managers is to promote employees' self-initiative and to support them in developing their personal strengths. Internal and external qualification measures for the expansion of expertise form an important building block.

Social commitment is another integral part of our entrepreneurial activities, because we are certain that social and economic goals can only be achieved together! Therefore, Wernsing forgoes sending presents to its business partners in favour of social institutions. 

Respect and appreciation of each individual shape our dealings with each other, with customers and with social stakeholders. We take the concerns and wishes of our trade partners very seriously and always deal with them in a constructive and forward-looking manner.


And for the future, we have also formulated specific goals:

  • Improve employee communication

Gift from employees for the 50th anniversary