Mission statement and goals

Naturally, sustainability is important to us.

We know that in the long term, we will only succeed if we reconcile added value with responsible action. That is why we do not want to build our world unnecessarily at the expense of future generations. 

We are committed to continuously improve our energy and environmental performance and support the acquisition of energy efficient and environmentally friendly products and services. In addition, we will, of course, continue to assume social responsibility and offer products that meet the highest environmental and social standards.

Our sustainability strategy encompasses ecological, economic and social goals.

Therefore, we analyse our products and processes according to ‘PEPE’. The name stands for ‘Products - Energy - Personnel - Efficiency’.  With the ‘Products and Energy’ areas, we cover the topic of ecological sustainability, in the area of ‘Human Resources’ the social aspects and in the area of ‘Efficiency’ all relevant topics on profitability.


Moreover, Wernsing is literally award-winning in terms of sustainability:

  • ZNU Standard Sustainable Economic Management
  • Energy management system according to ISO 50001



Ecological perspective

Our guiding principle for environmentally friendly and sustainable action is ‘refrain, reduce, recycle’.

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Social perspective

Wernsing is aware of its social responsibility towards employees, trade partners and society in general.

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Economic perspective

The economic dimension of sustainability, to us, above all means improvements in the logistics, the production as well as the products and their packaging.

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